Sale in Strengelegen starting June. Save 50% on all instruments! Come by the shop and get a really good deal on all kinds of playable instruments. Open Fridays from 12 – 20. Cash is king.

jj guitar/Jørn Jepsen has two of his guitars for sale in Strengelegen now. He will also be in the shop to help with repairs every Wednesday starting December 1st from 14-18. Stop by and say hi! Read about his work on his website:

From late August to the 30th of September Torben is on holiday, and will not be there for consultation and repair service. He is be back in the shop Friday the 1st of October from 12-18. Strengelegen will still be open from Magenta gallery next door – check the opening hours

Strengelegen is only open on Friday the 16th and 23rd of July from 12-18. The shop is closed between the 24th of July and the 11th of August. The shop is open again regular hours from the 11th through Magenta gallery (next door) and Torben will be there on Fridays for consultation and repairs. Have a great summer! Photo by Copenhagen Archive

February 2021 We are happy to welcome you again in the shop from the 2nd of March. Times have changed and Torben is starting a new exciting project on Møn with his most special instruments from the shop. He will continue with Strengelegen in Turesensgade, but will only be in the shop on Fridays from 12 – 19. Tania from Magenta gallery next door will keep the shop open the rest of the time. If you need consultation and have questions regarding instruments drop by…Continue Reading “Opening 2nd of March 2021”

October 2020 After 22 years in Turesensgade Strengelegen is giving up half the shop to a new project: Magenta gallery – created by Torben Carlsens daughter Tania Sloth.  Strengelegen will continue with repair service in the old part of the shop, and Torben will also start a new musical workspace on Møn. Tania will be helping in Strengelegen while she is running the gallery.  The new art room will have exhibitions and events across media in both visuals and sound installations. It is a small…Continue Reading “Magenta gallery”